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1. Paul Julienne: Can we understand the few-body physics of ultracold Lanthanide atoms? [pdf]
2. Lauriane Chomaz: Emergence of chaotic scattering in ultracold lanthanide atoms[pdf][pdf]
3. Svetlana Kotochigova: Magnetism of chaotic high-spin lanthanides in theultracold regime [pdf]
4. Jesper Levinsen: Impurity in a Bose-Einstein Condensate---From perturbation theory to
the Efimov effect[pdf]
5. Yusuke Nishida: Novel few-body universality and many-body crossover physics[pdf]
6. Wei Yi: Universal Trimers in a spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas[pdf]
7. Selim Jochim: Strong correlations in few-atom systems[pdf]
8. Nikolaj Zinner: Strongly interacting particles in one dimension[pdf]
9. Xiwen Guan: Quantum magnetism of ultracold Fermions in one dimension[pdf]
10.Doerte Blume: Path integral Monte Carlo determination of the fourth-order virial coefficient
for unitary two-component Fermi gas with zero-range interactions[pdf]
11.Peng Zhang: Orbital Feshbach Resonance in Alkali-Earth Atoms[pdf]
12.Leonardo Fallani: Strongly interacting twoŠ\electron fermions at an orbital Feshbach resonance[pdf]
13.Pascal Naidon: Universal clusters of mass-imbalanced fermions [pdf]
14.Bo Huang: Three-body recombination in a quasi-two-dimensional quantum gas[pdf]
15.Zhenhua Yu: Consequences of few-body correlations in Fermi gases close to a p-wave
interaction resonance [pdf]
16.Zheyu Shi: Efimovian expansion in scale invariant quantum gases[pdf]
17.Lucas Platter : Universal relations for range corrections to Efimov features[pdf]
18.Simon : Orbital Feshbach resonances with alkaline-earth atoms[pdf]
19.Hui Zhai: Summary[pdf]