Prof. Tao Xiang was elected as CAS Academician.



Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced the lists of newly elected academician on December 19, 2013. Professor Tao Xiang of Key Laboratory of Condensed Matter Theory and Computation, Institute of Physics was elected as CAS academician for the division of Mathematics and Physics.


Prof. Tao Xiang conducts research in theoretical condensed matter physics, including:
- Proposed and developed the Momentum Space DMRG Method, quantum Transfer-Matrix Renormalization Group method, and Tensor Renormalization Group Method based on imaginary time evolution and secondary renormalization transformation, these powerful numerical methods help to solve the computation problems of thermodynamic quantities of quantum many-body model and other physical quantities.
- Proposed microscopic model for interlayer dynamics of high-temperature superconductors, accurately predicted the temperature dependence of the electronic structure and the superfluid density between the high-temperature superconducting layers.
- Proposed the Jordan-wigner transformation solution of the Kitaev model, and the corresponding quantum fractionalization mechanism in two-dimension.