The International Workshop (II) on Material Physics 2014

“The International Workshop (II) on Material Physics” was held on May 31, 2014 at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The workshop was organized by Group T05 and Prof. Wuming Liu.


The workshop was divided into four sections, which covered the frontier area such as the preparation and application of graphene materials, the elastic modulus and mass density of the double negative acoustic metamaterials, the ultra-high temperature ceramic fiber composites, quantum phase change of two dimensional materials. Around 20 overseas and local experts in the field were invited to give presentations on latest developments, including Prof. Huiming Cheng of Institute of Metal of CAS, Prof. Yuntian Zhu of North Carolina State University (US), Heng Wang of TA Instruments (US), Prof. Xiaopeng Zhao of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Prof. Yingjun Gao of Guangxi University, Prof. Shaoyun Fu of Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology of CAS, Prof. Dawei Tang of Institute of Engineering Thermal Physics of CAS, Prof. Yang Gan of Harbin Institute of Technology, Prof. Weigang Zhang of Institute of Process Engineering of CAS, Professors You Ceng, Guoxin Sui, Changyan Liu and Shuo Bai of Institute of Metal of CAS, Prof. Wuming Liu of Institute of Physics of CAS, Professors Zhangsong Wang and Erfan Chen of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Prof. Bin Yang of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Prof. Kun Zhang of Institute of Mechanics of CAS, etc.


Prof. Xiaopeng Zhao on behalf of Northwestern Polytechnical University announced that they would be the organizer of the workshop next year.