The Asia-Pacific Workshop on Strongly Correlated Systems 2014 (APW 2014)


The APW 2014 was held on October 9-11, 2014 by the Center for International Collaboration (IOPCIC) and Key Laboratory of Condensed Matter Theory and Computation at Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).


Prof. Tao Xiang gave a speech on the opening ceremony to sincerely welcome and thank all the participated scholars. During the conference, the latest developments in high-temperature superconductivity theory, topological properties of condensed matter, Spintronics, and frustrated quantum spin systems were discussed. Around 30 overseas and local experts in the field of strongly correlated systems were invited to give talks in the conference, 21 of whom were from Japan, Singapore, Korea, United States, Germany, etc and 10 were from local universities and research institutes.


The conference was organized by Prof. Lu Yu, Prof. Tao Xiang and Prof. Xi Dai of IOP, and Prof. Fuchun Zhang of Zhejiang University. The Asia-Pacific Workshop has been held since 2001 in different cities of Asia-Pacific region, such as Sendai, Hong-Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, etc. The aims of the workshop are to promote and encourage the discussions and collaborations between the scientists in the field of strongly correlated systems in the Asia-Pacific region.


The future direction of the Asia-Pacific Workshop was discussed and the city to hold the forthcoming workshops was confirmed during this conference.


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