Recent Research Progress

Discovery of a Weyl fermion semimetal firstly by scientists of IOP 2015.07.20
Coulomb Liquid Phases of Bosonic Cluster Mott Insulators on a Pyrochlore Lattice 2015.07.17
Book: Off-Diagonal Bethe Ansatz for Exactly Solvable Models 2015.04.28
Demonstration of entanglement-enhanced phase estimation in solid 2015.04.07
Weyl Semimetal Phase: a Family of TaAs 2015.04.07
New Progress on Quantum Many-Body Simulation and Quantum Cloning 2014.11.28
Topological Phases in the Single-Layer FeSe 2014.10.28
Topoloogical insulator YbB6 and YbB12 2014.09.28
Quantum few-body physics in Spin-Orbit-Coupled Ultracold system 2014.09.18
Quantum critical behavior in heavy electron materials 2014.06.30
Anisotropic Rabi model 2014.06.27
Three-Component Ultracold Fermi Gases with Spin-Orbit Coupling 2014.06.16
A New Carbon Allotrope with Six-Fold Helical Chains 2014.03.24
Tensor Renormalization of Quantum Many-Body Systems 2014.03.18
Breakthrough of a Three-Dimensional Topological Semimetal 2014.01.27
Topological Charge Pumping in a One-Dimensional Optical Lattice 2013.11.13
Tunable Band Topology Reflected by Fractional Quantum Hall States 2013.11.06
Off-Diagonal Bethe Ansatz and Exact Solution of a Topological Spin Ring 2013.09.29
Iron-Based Superconductors as Odd-Parity Superconductors 2013.07.19
Correlated Topological Insulators with Mixed Valence 2013.07.02
Fractional Topological States of Dipolar Fermions in One-Dimensional Optical Superlattices 2013.05.31
Topological Superconductor to Anderson Localization Transition in One-Dimensional Lattices 2013.05.02
Kinetic Origin of Divergent Decompression Pathways in Silicon and Germanium 2013.04.24
Important Progress on Quantized Anomalous Hall Effect 2013.03.15
New Progress of studies on heavy electron materials 2012.11.30
Fractional Chern Insulators in Topological Flat Bands with Higher Chern Number 2012.11.12
Density functional theory for atomic Fermi gases 2012.09.18
Kondo Metal and Ferrimagnetic Insulator on the Triangular Kagome Lattice 2012.06.25
S4 Symmetric Microscopic Model for Iron-Based Superconductors 2012.06.21
Edge States and Topological Phases in One-Dimensional Optical Superlattices 2012.06.12
Spin-Selective Transport of Electrons in DNA Double Helix 2012.06.08
Quantum phases with differing computational power 2012.05.03
Tuning the Tricritical Point with Spin-Orbit Coupling in Polarized Fermionic Condensates 2012.03.06