Yifeng Yang
Career History Male, born in February 1981, Luoyang, Henan Province. 1997 entry Department of Physics, July 2001, received a bachelor's degree, master's degree in June 2003, September 2003 to February 2007 at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Society to learn and get doctorate from the University of Stuttgart. March 2007 from the U.S. Department of Physics, University of California, Davis postdoctoral, in November 2008 yifeng Yang was elected Director Los Alamos National Laboratory postdoctoral, the end of 2010 selected the CAS Hundred Talents. The main direction of strongly correlated electron system, especially the heavy-fermion materials, theoretical and numerical study of SCI papers published more than thirty, including a Nature, Nature Physics a, Phys. Rev. Lett. Four, Phys. Rev. B: Rapid Communications two.
Research Interests Heavy fermion materials theory research
Strongly correlated electron system of numerical computation
Research Experience 1、 found a number of heavy fermion materials, new physical laws, and accordingly made a heavy-fermion physics a new theoretical framework.
2、based on the Fano interference effect, made a heavy fermion material conductivity spectrum of non-symmetry of the first theoretical explanation.
3、made a strongly correlated system in quasi-particle spectrum Kink structure of the local origin of the Coulomb interaction, different from the traditional collective excitation mechanism. Selected Publications: Scaling the Kondo lattice, Yi-feng Yang et al., Nature 454, 611 (2008).
4、the average field method using dynamics of manganese oxides in the electron - electron and electron - phonon interaction, the system has a series of experiments to explain the phenomenon.
Students enrolled Ph.D students each year, or 1-2 doctoral.
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Email yifeng@iphy.ac.cn