The theoretical research at the Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) dates back to 1958. In June of following year, Solid State Theory laboratory was established. Prior to the Cultural Revolution, it grew to five research groups, more than 30 researchers, research interests include semiconductors, metals, magnetism, superconductivity, laser physics in the theoretical and multi-body theory, statistical physics.

    During 1968-1969, Solid State Theory laboratory and magnetism laboratory theoretical research group were forced to disintegrate, members were dispersed to other laboratories. But even in that period of catastrophe, these members were still able to do some meaningful researches in their respective subject areas, thanks to the understanding of other laboratories colleagues.

    After the end of the Cultural Revolution turmoil, though it was not yet in the reconstruction of Theoretical Research on the agenda, but the enthusiasm in the theory, the scale and level have a significant recovery and development. In the next 1980 years, many people have to study abroad accessing to new research directions, such as Li Tiecheng, Wang Dingsheng, etc.; some people returned from abroad and joined the theoretical physics of the research team, such as Jiaming, Lin Lei , Zhang Zhaoqing, etc.; the younger generation after the Cultural Revolution has been growing, such as Yu-Peng Wang and Liu Banggui etc. By the 1990s China's scientific management system and physical adjustment of the general scientific organization were formed and the issue of re-established theory Research was put on the agenda. After careful deliberation, in July 2001, Condensed Matter Theory and Materials Computation Laboratory(CMTMCL) was re-established. Starting this year, the development of Laboratory is amazing. From the initial two groups, four researchers (Wang Yupeng, Wang Dingsheng, Liu Banggui, Li Bozang), with the spirit of "openness, mobility, competition, joint" founder principle, the Laboratory has attracted many of the best talent to the theoretical physics group. Nowdays(2013), the laboratory has 23 professors and 74 students, including Yu Lu, Wang Dingsheng, Xiang Tao, Fang Zhong, Sun Qingfeng, Chen Shu, Dai xi, Fan Heng, Zhou Duanlu, Wang YuPeng , Liu WuMing.