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Key Laboratory of Condensed Matter Theory and Computation, Chinese Academy of Sciences ("the Lab") was originally initiated more than 30 years ago and was re-established in July 2001. Since then, the development of the Lab has been very fast.

During the period of "Knowledge Innovation Pilot Project" of CAS, the spirits of "openness, mobility, competition, collaboration" were promoted and the Lab have actively involved in communications with other international physics institutions, which have attracted many young theoretical physicists to join the Lab to form new research teams.

The Lab was originally comprised of two groups and four members (Prof. Yupeng Wang, Prof. Dingsheng Wang, Prof. Banggui Liu, and Prof. Bozang Li) in 2001, and now expanded to five groups and twenty-three members.

Aademician: Dingsheng Wang Lu Yu Tao Xiang Zhong Fang
Outstanding youth: Tao Xiang Yupeng Wang Zhong Fang Hongming Weng Wuming Liu Shu Chen